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At Gandhi & Co, we are the leading hot rolled steel sheets suppliers and distributors in Mumbai and other parts of India. Hot rolled (HR) coils are available with us in both coil and sheet form and are further processed into final goods at our manufacturing facility. They are rolled on hot strip slabs from the mills. The hot rolled coils can be up to 2,000 mm wide and have a thickness of 1.4mm to 25mm.

Hot-rolled coils applications

At Gandhi & Co, we take pride in partnering with the finest hot rolled steel coil manufacturer in India. Hot-rolled coils are used in a wide range of industrial applications. They can be utilized as a feedstock for cold rolled and coated coils, as well as steel tubes for applications such as transportation, construction, shipyards, gas canisters, compressors, and oil and gas pipelines.

Being the most prominent hot rolled steel coil suppliers in Mumbai, we ensure that only the finest products get delivered to all our esteemed clients and customers. Stairs, industrial floors, and tailboards for goods vehicles are also coated with hot rolled sheets with special properties such as diamond/teardrop patterns and anti-slip surfaces.

Hot Rolled sheets

Steel slabs are hot-rolled to form plates to make hot rolled plates at our hot-rolled steel coil factory. A hot-rolled plate’s normal thickness ranges from 8 to 120 millimeters, with a maximum width of 3000 millimeters. The Plant CTL machine extracts these plates from the Coil, giving them a greater level of flatness.

The hot rolled plates also come with tamper-proof packaging and liner marks, as well as flat surfaces with no flaws that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user. Our hot rolled plates have been dubbed “Best Steel” due to their distinguishing characteristics and this is how our partners justify the tag for being called the best hot rolled steel plates manufacturer in Mumbai.

At Gandhi & Co, our high-grade hot rolled steel sheets Cut-to-Length sheets are made using cutting-edge technology, ensuring a superior finish and world-class quality for users. Shipbuilding, pressure equipment, and the construction sectors all use these plates.

We are the best hot rolled steel coil suppliers in Mumbai and all our products truly reflect our supremacy in the same context. Gandhi & Co Steel plates are available in a variety of grades, including Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, HSLA, and API (up to X-80).

Key Characteristics of Hot Rolled steel sheets

  • Hot rolled goods with thicknesses up to 25.4 mm, widths up to 2050 mm, and coil weights up to 36 mt are available.
  • The largest Hot Strip Mill (HSM) in India, with a width of up to 2150 mm.
  • With the ability to produce X70 grade up to 20mm thickness, this is a unique product portfolio that is ideal for line pipe applications.
  • It has ultra-low carbon for the IF and IFHS grades, as well as dual-phase steel that requires divide quench cooling, making it perfect for critical automotive applications.
  • With our level 2 coiling temperature control, we were able to achieve the desired cooling patterns and rates of microstructure control.
  • With a transfer bar thickness of up to 55 mm, there is a greater reduction in finishing stands.

We can offer HOT rolled coil in the slitted form to any dimension in up to 5mm thickness and shearing up to 12mm thickness maintaining a diagonal difference of 0-2mm. Being the finest hot rolled steel plate suppliers in Mumbai, we always take care of all the quality aspects during the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution process.

Thickness Range 1.5 to 4mm
Widths upto 2000 mm
Coil Weights 8 to 22 Mt
Coil ID 508 mm / 610 mm
Users / Application Automobile * White Goods * General Engineering * Packaging * Drums / Barrels * Furniture * Formed Sections
Standard IS 1079, IS 5986

Technical Specs: IS 1079 – 1963

Chemical C Mn P S Al N
All Figures in max %
Ordinary 0.15 0.60 0.060 0.060 0.02 0.007
St 34 0.15 0.50 0.050 0.050 0.02 0.007
St 42 0.20 0.050 0.050
St 50 0.30 0.050 0.050
Mechanical YS Kg/mm2 TS Mpa Kg/mm2 El % (min)
St 34 34-42 21 23
St 42 42-50 24 26
St 50 50-60 30 32
Mill Grades Steel Application
SRWTP For Welded Steel Tubes and Pipes
SRCRM For Cold Rolling
SRCOM For Commercial Quality Steel
SRDRW For Drawing and Deep Drawing
SREDD For Extra Deep Drawing
SRBQP For Boiler Quality Plates
SRLPV For Pressure Vessels
SRGEN For General Engineering purpose
SRTRN For Transport Industry

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